Prison Overcrowding Fix Analysis

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In a courthouse there is always a judge, prosecutor, defender, and the jury members. On the day of court everything gets document by the court reporter. He or she hand types every single word they say. With everything so well documented we trust the system, because there seems to be no proof it is flawed. In “Prison Overcrowding Fix” by Solomon Moore, he explains California 's flaw in their system is health care everywhere in places like prisons. This then leads to prison overcrowding, which becomes a serious health problem. Moore published the article ¨Prison Overcrowding Fix¨ in in 2009, which is economically known as a the time period of unemployment. Taxes were increasing every second, and the economy was still failing. 2009 is also the…show more content…
To help with the prison solution it took, Judge Thelton E. Henderson. Henderson stood up for the prisoners who didn 't have a voice, he talked to many people and demanded money from the state so that he could improve the health care in prisons. This ended up with them realizing that the prisons are too overcrowded and they need to do something about it. They found this out after viewing statistics of people who ¨died from an illness in prison or committed suicide¨. This is not surprising that this health crisis is still going on, at the same time the case was happening Obama Care was working on being formed. Moore points this out in his article as an important factor to show how bad the health care system was in America that year. America is still trying to rebuild itself, from the great depression, then and…show more content…
The state of California decided they needed to make a ¨reform¨ in the system, which they did by looking to see where it began to go wrong. In the end they found out the over prisonment was due to the amount of sentences the judges sentenced people. Moor uses the word ¨reform¨ in his article to show the changes being made, but the word reform fits the context better. The word changes would imply that there was something wrong, but by using the word ¨reform¨ he is saying that they are just needing to alter things. At the time there were many new laws being added, everything was getting altered, he was making reference to the current problem. Obama had just began his presidency for a little over a month by now, so he was telling Obama he needs to alter the current

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