Privacy And Privacy In 1984

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1984 , a novel based upon a society where there is hardly any privacy. Big Brother has surveillance all over the place so he can keep eyes on every person in Oceania. George Orwell, the author of the novel states about how technology is used for surveillance purposes and getting into people 's personal lives. That is also how our society works as well and we are living in it. Imagine being watched all day and night. Imagine living in a world where the little freedom you have can be taken away because of what someone thought about you. A world where you are forced to hate someone. Just imagine it. Of course it seems unreal but in the novel, “1984” by George Orwell it is more than real. In 1984 certain technologies and methods are used to invade every aspect of privacy in the everyday lives of the citizens in Oceania. Furthermore, Big Brother is watching the people didn 't have a say so in their privacy. They were being watched 24/7, there was no freedom. ‘’On coins, stamps, on the cigarette packet, everywhere always the eyes are watching you’’ (according to Orwell pg 27). For example, how can people have space if we 're constantly being watched ? I don 't see why the people should even consider giving up their privacy, because what is giving up if the good for society already watching us. Big Brother is watching is a big deal in society because it feels like you don 't have a life, it feels like you 're a slave. For example, if I want to date someone, have fun, make my own
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