Privacy Essay: Nothing To Hide By Solove. Solove

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The essay Why Privacy Matters Even If You Have “Nothing To Hide” written by a professor of law at George Washington University Solove, Daniels. The essay was about how we as individuals should care more about our privacy even if we had “nothing to hide”. Solove uses metaphors from famous novels to give us an idea of what could potentially problems that could arise if this country 's sole priority was security. His argument is our privacy is more important than security in this country, but I agree with some things Solove said in his Passage but not everything. I believe privacy is more important when it comes to security vs privacy debate. (Solove pg 163-167) Before I continue I need to explain each aspect of this argument. First of the two aspects stated in Solove 's essay is privacy and security, and Solove believes we as citizens of the united states as individuals should care more about our privacy even if we had “nothing to hide”. When it comes to our personal information like our SS#, address, credit card#, name, date of birth, and internet activities. Most of our personal info alone is not useful but Solove states “ a problem emerges from the fusion of small bits of seemingly innocuous data. When combined, the information becomes much more telling and lethal” (Solove 11). The other side of the argument is security; Post 9/11 the US government has strived to increase and improve our nation 's security, consequently, the government has become invasive into our
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