Privacy In Anna Quindlen's Homeless

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It is hard to imagine life as a homeless family. I hope that I’ll never have to move my family from shelter to shelter as some families must do every day. According to the essay “Homeless” by Anna Quindlen, we should take more time in our lives to see the pain that homelessness creates. I agree with Anna Quindlen’s assertion that a home is everything. A home can provide certainty. A home can provide stability. Lastly, I agree with Quindlen because a home can provide privacy. A home is everything because it can provide certainty. A person’s home doesn’t just protect him from the elements or from bad people. While this is important, a person needs to feel certain about his or her own identity as well. Quindlen states, “You are where you live. She was somebody.” Quindlen’s reference is to a homeless lady who made the effort to maintain her identity by holding on to a picture of her former home. The homeless woman carried the picture wherever she went to prove to herself that…show more content…
Privacy is key to helping people maintain their sense of individuality. Some people often feel like themselves and can express more of whom they are when they have privacy. I personally believe that a little privacy is good for the soul. We, as human beings, need privacy. Without having a home, you have very little privacy, if any at all, which is why a home is everything. More people suffer from homelessness than we realize. We often take for granted having a home to go to. I completely agree with Anna about her feelings on homelessness. I often see the homeless on the side of the road and I normally refer to them as homeless people but what I fail to realize is, that “homeless person” has a name, that “homeless guy” is a human being just like the rest of us longing for certainty, stability and privacy. Those “homeless people” are human beings without a home. Anna states, “Home is where the heart is. There’s no place like

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