Privacy In Marriage

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Marital privacy in Islam

Marriage is a beautiful relationship in Islam, so much that it is called as "completion of half of our deen" by our beloved Prophet. It is indeed a beautiful gift from Allah to cherish entire our life; a life time commitment of having each other’s back, turning to each other in difficult times, blindly relying on each other, to be each other’s best companions and advisers, and a promise to love, trust and care no matter what. This extends from blessings in this world to the rewards even for here after.
By nature, marriage is a strong yet fragile relation. Strong enough to last a lifetime and weak enough to break easily just by saying few words unlike blood relations that doesn’t end even if we break all our ties. All
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Its quite a common trend these days to narrate details of your marital privacy to your parents and friends. This includes the talk about the first wedding night where both husband and wife narrates their sexual experience with their friends. Marriage is a sacred and secret thing in both moral and social terms. It is not okay to share your intimate moments with your friends to show them how much your spouse love you or just for the sake of discussing. This tbh is morally indecent and against your spouse’s…show more content…
Privacy of secrets:
Husband and wife should never reveal their secrets and the faults that Allah has kept hidden to anyone including your parents, best friends or siblings. The confidences shared should must be taken with extra care. A married couple instead should protect each other behind their back from mortification, ridicule and accuse even if its coming from a well-wishing biological relative. There should be an unbreakable agreement of privacy in marriage only then this relationship can be fully flourished. The couples who share details of their marriage life with others; from any type of subject related to intimacy to every tiny detail of their marriage life will eventually lose the best part of this relationship, TRUST.

The best thing that could ever happen with your life is indeed a happy marriage, May we all blessed with a happy and successful

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