Privacy In The Internet

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1.0 Overview of Privacy
In life, everyone has the secrets of personal life that they are unwilling to let others know. This secret is legally called privacy, such as personal privacy, diary, photographic album, living habits, communication secrets, physical defects, and the like. Their own secret is unwilling to others to know, is their own rights, this right is called privacy.
Privacy is personal and social public life has nothing to do, and do not want to be known to others or interfere in other private matters. Privacy is an extension of privacy in the Internet. It means that a natural person enjoys the personal peace of life on the Internet. Internet changed people's way of life. But, private information, private space and private activities
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We have lost all privacy in unknown situation because of social media, because can search all information through internet. I agree that everyone who has a presence on the Internet has lost his or her privacy. There have some factors to make you lost your privacy in Internet, such as personal information, social media account, bank card information and browsing history. 2.1 Personal Information
Almost any information available today is easily available on the Internet. And if someone is willing to track someone, you can dig out all your privacy, from name to phone numbers, photos, and even home addresses, as long as the other party has appeared, can easily be found.

In other words, once you start to connect the Internet, you will hand over your privacy. There is no doubt that you will completely lost privacy. But, some people think that if all the information is private, refused to leave the information you cannot let others find you privacy? The answer is very regrettable, even if you do not upload your information, but also your friends may upload your information, unless you stay away from the crowd to go deep forests, but this is
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These kinds of behavior make the professional robbers attention and get ready to rob your house in night because they know the Chinese family wedding traditions. The Chinese family will leave all anything valuable and good jewelry in house when they went wedding dinner. This is the big chance and timing for professional robbers.

2.3 Bank Card Information and Browsing History
Social media is another big source of data; they can search history to know full names, birthdays, addresses and even the names of family. If you accidentally befriend a fraudster, have your privacy settings open or a criminal gets access to your or a friend's account, that make them a rather chance of being able to walk through a bank's security questions and pretend to be you.

The other way to get your card details is from a device or site where you've been stored. So keeping your card number on your phone or tablet, or in an email or similar, means that is lost then fraudsters can find the information using a search then use the details for
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