Privacy In The Movie 'Citizenfour'

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I believe everyone needs to have privacy, and privacy is a condition that on my opinion, should not be violated. Because it is the right to keeps people’s matters and relationships secret. The NSA, CIA and GCHQ are logging into people’s lives according to Edward Snowden in the movie ‘’Citizenfour’’. I don’t think what they are doing is okay, because I consider it is an invasion on private life.

In the movie I learned that these people can know what you search for on the Internet, they can see your emails and what you buy online, among others. They do something called linakability, they take one piece of data and link to another piece of data. For example, your MetroCard and your credit card. Since your credit card is linked to everything else you do in the day, they can re-create your steps. If they decide to link your data to other people’s data around you, they can know who met with and whom you talk to. When they link cell phone data with purchasing data, debit card data and MetroCard data, they get metadata. So now these people have a cumulative of a person’s life that is made up of facts, but that is not automatically true.
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They think that for security they can do what they are doing. I understand they had to take measures after the 9/11, but they are taking their ‘’protection’’ to the next level. They are not looking after people; they are violating a right everyone should
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