Privacy Of Online Shopping

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2.5.6 Privacy: The most considerable factor for online shoppers is their privacy. According to (Luis, Carlos und Migual 2007) Privacy refers to the protection of personal information. While doing online shopping, consumers are asked to fill up the form and for making a purchase their credit card details, bank information need to be provided. Regarding to privacy, most of the online shopping sites are still facing difficulties to protect the private information. This is the reason behind that most of the consumer’s still refuse do online shopping. If the online shopping website can maintain the privacy of the online shoppers then it will have adverse effect in purchasing intention of online shoppers. 2.5.7 Time Saving: The high speed internet surfing has made online shopping business more successful. People can simply browse or search their product with in small variation of time. People can save time and effort because of the simple access to find the product. According to (Rohm und Swaminathan 2004) one possible explanation that online shopping saves time during the purchasing of goods and it can eliminate the travelling time required to go to the traditional store. As we know that everything has both negative and positive aspect, on the same way some consumers think that it is more time taking because of the delivery time taken to deliver the product. If the consumes are in immediate need of the product then buying online can be bad idea because of the delivery time. In
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