Swot Analysis Of Online Shopping

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2.5.6 Privacy:
The most considerable factor for online shoppers is their privacy. According to (Luis, Carlos und Migual 2007) Privacy refers to the protection of personal information. While doing online shopping, consumers are asked to fill up the form and for making a purchase their credit card details, bank information need to be provided. Regarding to privacy, most of the online shopping sites are still facing difficulties to protect the private information. This is the reason behind that most of the consumer’s still refuse do online shopping. If the online shopping website can maintain the privacy of the online shoppers then it will have adverse effect in purchasing intention of online shoppers.

2.5.7 Time Saving:
The high speed internet
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Most of the companies have their own online shopping sites so that they can attract the customers from international arena. Online shopping has made a transaction easier than it was and online stores offer consumers benefits by providing more variety of products and services that they can choose from (Lim und Dubinsky 2002). The traditional retailers offers only the limited number of product because of the storage problem and different other factors. Thus, customers may not find different varieties as offered in online shopping sites. To overcome these problems, the electronic stores like Saturn, Media Market and Conrad have also the online sites where they can offer more products then in their outlets. Similarly, OTTO Gmbh have only one store in Hamburg but it has its online site where it can attract more customers because of different varieties of product available. Moreover, online shopping sites offer different kinds of offer in shipment, bonus coupon and customer can decide the time and date of payment which makes them easier to shop…show more content…
When the customers want to visit some retailers store mainly in city areas then the first things that they need to overcome is finding a parking place. Even though they find a parking place, they need to expensive parking fee. For example: If a customer want to buy something in Saturn at Hauptwache, Frankfurt, then the parking fee that they need pay is 5 Euro per hour. Thus, customers are paying a lot of miscellaneous cost to buy a product. The next problem that the offline shoppers tackle is long waiting queue in the cash section or for getting information about the product with the service person. We can also personally notice that in the electronic shop only limited number of service person are available. Thus, to get information about products we must wait a long queue. But in case of online shopping, they offer live chat service, call back service, expert help, Email inquiry and telephone inquiry in just few seconds. That´s why, online shopping can be anywhere and anytime, it make consumers’ life easier because they do not have to stuck in the traffic, look for parking spot, wait in checkout lines or be in crowd in store (Childers, et al.
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