Private Cars Should Be Banned Essay

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Afroza Akter John Remarek language and composition 28 February 2018 Private vehicles should be banned in crowded cities Transportation is one of the most important and valuable inventions across the world. Our living condition develops as our wages increase. Mostly middle class and high class people own a car, so private cars have increased in many cities. In early time only rich people used private cars as a symbol of their luxurious lifestyle but nowadays cars are an important part in our lives rather than luxury. The increase in the number of private vehicles has created many problems in crowded cities. Some people argue that private cars are necessary for saving time and for the freedom from travelling with the local vehicles. I strongly…show more content…
Firstly, by using private cars it saves their time, they do not need to wait for local vehicles. They can easily reach right on time at any place. It is very useful for their daily lives. Secondly, it gives them the freedom to travel because they do not need to depend on others. When travelling long distance, using local vehicles we get tired before reaching the place. If we travel by private car, we can take rest so that we are more comfortable during the travel time. If we want we can go anywhere at any time, so we get more independence in our journey schedule. There are both sides to ban private cars. Comparatively compare by banning private cars, we are focusing on protecting our environment and reducing traffic congestion. We can not ignore the troubles in our life due to the excessive use of that, suddenly banning private car will lead to loss, but we can make those aware who are planning to buy their own car. Life is more important for us than time and freedom to travel. In conclusion, private vehicles play a vital role causing the traffic jam, air pollution and land use. We can make people aware not to own multiple private cars; there are people or private car where single person is travelling which is just waste of time fuel and space. By decreasing private car we can avoid of pollution, disease and

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