Private Conversation: Annotated Bibliography

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Private Communications: Ethel Armstrong, Theodore Lenihan, Theodore Selover. Census: England Census 1841 Lincolnshire Historical: Post Office Records: ARC-3/1938-6 (1928) and ARC-3/3098-14 (1929-1948), Library and Archives Canada Clark Private Conversation: Gracie Clark (née Jennings), Maud Jennings (née Vankoughnett), Ann Bailey, Alex Vankoughnett Directories: The Toronto City Directories 1921-1924, Might Directories Ltd Vernon 's Hamilton City Directories 1923-1936 Historical: Lanhadron Stone, J Royal Institute of Cornwall Vol 6 1881 Medieval Wayside Cross Base, English Heritage: Lords of the North, James K McDonell, Robert Bennett Campbell Private Conversation: Francis Deyett, Carol Chapman (née Deyett), Toby Lenihan, Jack…show more content…
Two Centuries in Parma, Donald Hough, DigiGraphics Inc, Kingston, Ontario, 2004. Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776, Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, 1875. The Front of South Fredericksburgh, Ruth M. Wright, Henderson Printing, Brockville, Ont. 1999. King’s Royal Regiment of New York, Ernest A, Cruikshank and Gavin K. Watt, Reprinted 1984. Loyalists Make a New Province; A Frontier Province 1796-1813, in Upper Canada: The Formative Years, Gerald M. Craig, 1967. Descendants of Christian and Ann Margaretha Keller by Jim Keller UE: Clifford History: Old Colonial Cemetery Transcription: johnstown-oldcolonial “A Sporting Paradise with Stories of Adventure in American and the Backwoods of Muskoka”, Percy St. Michael Podmore, 1904 Private

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