Private Education Advantages And Disadvantages

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In the world of education everybody in the world seek for knowledge and education. In Malaysia education is important of youth and others. In order to seek knowledge there are public and private educations in Malaysia and a lot of people become confuse in order to choose public or private education especially for whom want to further their education. Both public and private have pros and cons. For public education the advantages are social interaction among student, variety of academic program and course and public education have support services and the disadvantage is student population affect student performance. Besides that, the advantages for private education are class sizes and co-curriculum activities and the disadvantages are the cost and the teacher qualification in teaching. Firstly we need to know what public and private education in Malaysia. In 2007 in Malaysia there were 20 public universities. Besides that, public schools in Malaysia are more than 95% of all primary and secondary schools and for tertiary education is about 50%. For the public colleges or universities there are largely supported by the state funds and everybody know that public education fees is subsidies by the…show more content…
Everybody knows that private school or universities are very costly to enter and not all people can afford it and usually private education is more expensive than public education. In private school the student are require to pay monthly fees for those who are study private education. In addition, in the fees itself, there are also commonly have a additional fees that are need to pay by the student. It happens because private school or universities not get any fund from government, but their get money from funding and share partners. Besides that, is about the additional fees such as renovation and remodeling fees. All of the additional fees sometime it burden the student in order to pay the
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