Police Investigation Case Study

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Private Investigators in Oklahoma City and police officers; both occupations really don’t have a lot in common. A private investigator in OKC has the same privileges and rights as any ordinary citizen – this means that they can’t, for example, officially make a legal arrest, but can only arrest a citizen.
Cops, on the contrary, can obtain warrants, make arrests and enforce laws. Along with this, police officers are public employees. The training requirements, job outlook and salaries also differ in both professions.
Here is a breakdown of how investigating a crime scene as a private investigator in OKC can differs from the police.
I. Cold vs. Live Crime Scenes:
A “live” crime scene refers to the one that is recent and it guarded by the law
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Fingerprints ii. Blood stains iii. Bullet slugs and holes iv. Tool marks
v. Fibers, hair, fingernail scrapings vi. Glass fragments vii. DNA samples viii. Items added, removed, overturned or displaced.
VI. Suspects:
Bear in mind that the suspects are also parts of crime scenes. What was left at the scene and what was taken away from it? Evidence like this helps in proving that the suspect was there.
If the cops take the suspect back to the crime scene after the arrest, it will affect the evidence of suspect’s presence there. That is because when the testimony is presented in the court, it may serve solely to prove that the suspect was taken there by the cops.
VII. PIs vs. Police: Different Perspectives of Crime Scene
There is a clear distinction between what a crime scene means for a police officer or detective and a private investigator. For a private investigator in Oklahoma City, just like everyone else a crime scene is a place where any criminal act had transpired, and now it is open for everyday use.
On the contrary, police officers and detectives consider an area like the one that is cordoned off by yellow tape as a crime scene, a place where careful protocols are followed for evidence recordation and
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