Private Police Security Plan

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Essential Polices for Public and Private Police Professionals
Public police are given policies and procedures that have been created and set by federal and state laws. Law enforcement must abide and operate by these rules. These polices serve as a measurable way to ensure that the officer is doing his/her job within their scope of practice and within the standards set by the state. Private police policies on the other hand are different from the polices that are standard within the public officer. They receive policies and procedures that are set by their employer. Private police were not meant to serve the needs of society as a whole, but they work under the direction of the companies that hire them and follow the rules and polices set by
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As with a business plan a security plan will help a company with financial planning and putting together a budget. The objectives of the security business is also described and clearly established. Once the security plan is complete, it will help the company to implement and achieve the goal(s) of the security company. There are key components that are listed in a security plan they include environmental design, risk management plan, vulnerability assessment, policies and procedures, inspection, and management. A security plan will assist in the focusing on issues that may occur during the design and building phase. Even when plans are completed they can be modified. These modifications can address other issues not foreseen in prior construction of the security plan such as various forms of Risk management. These four are pure, dynamic, speculative, static, and inherent. These risks range from natural disasters to lack of customers due to the time of year. The element of risk management is an essential because it outlines key functions that are very important to any business. These functions are to identify, assess, and prioritize the risks. It is very important to identify and consider risks. Consideration of risks can protect the business, owners, location. Another assessment that is essential within a security plan is vulnerability. This helps to identify any gaps and/or weaknesses that may be manipulated by others and helps the owner plan and implement ways to decrease or eliminate the

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