Private Schools Comparative Analysis

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M. Nialish bin Alam Prof.Fahad Faruqi English Writing Skills 28th November 2014 Public Schools versus Private Schools-A comparative analysis The modern world is a global village ( ) and the communities of the world are getting closer to each other. Through education, knowledge and language different people and communities impart their thoughts and ideas. The basic of education and knowledge develops from the schools. School is a place where the living soul enters as a child and return as an adolescent ( ). A comparative study showed that the student of public schools wishes to be a part of private schools, whereas the faculties of private schools have the thirst to be subsumed…show more content…
Students prefer private schools over public Liaquat (2009) found in his study that the teaching quality of private schools is better than public schools, the teachers are punctual in class and they prepare lessons before coming to the class as compare to the public schools. The survey to Matric board office proved that majority of the students choose either Computer Science or Biology as there optional subjects in matriculation. Both the subject consists of lab work and there are old and un-satisfactory equipments in the laboratories of public schools. On the other side, private schools have fruitful labs and advance equipments ( ) ( ). Iqbal (2006) in his comparative study found that private schools arrange more events and science/art exhibitions than public schools. They have various methods of teaching and they provide more instructional material than public schools. He also proved that the private schools emphasize on both languages, i.e English and Urdu, whereas Urdu medium schools ( ) only focuses on Urdu. Faculty prefer public schools over private Iqbal (2012) found in his study that the jobs of the teachers and headmaster/mistress of…show more content…
The survey of schools showed that, as there is no principal in public schools ( ), there is not enough strictness on teachers for coming late or on unpunctuality. Farida and Madiha(2004) found that extra-curricular/co-curricular activities in public schools is far less than private schools so there is less burden on teachers, whereas in private schools almost every month or in every 2 months either there is a celebration of some day or event in school( ). Imran (2008) found in her comparative analysis that majority of public school teachers behave well. They avoid quarrelling, getting flair up quickly, accusing others, encountering outrage as compared to private school teachers. Students of private schools are sharper than those of public schools Iqbal (2012) found in his studies that public schools offer free education and the focus is mainly on this thing by the government instead of the quality of education. In comparison, fees of private schools are way more than public schools but the teaching quality is much better than that of public schools. He also proved that though the fees of private schools are high but the opportunities the students get, shelters the expense. Besides this the students of

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