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Page 2 of 3 Matthew QuintanaGSC 300Spring 2018Community Sectors Class AssignmentThe Private Sector BusinessPrivate sector business is essentially privately owned or held businesses that make up a large percentage of our countries business entities. These businesses vary in size and can be anything from a single proprietor business to multinational corporations. They offer goods and services, can be the manufacturer or reseller and are generally involved in “for profit” endeavors. While I mentioned that a lot of businesses are huge corporations, a lot of private sector businesses are still essentially the small proprietor being “all-in” on their businesses where the owner and business financial stake are both on line. The private sector…show more content…
Currently, there are around 10 million people currently employed with nonprofits. As mentioned in the title of this section, we are in fact talking about charities and foundations, which itself is generally considered a good thing. These organizations go beyond simple employment in that they give back to more than just the economy, but also their local communities and the people that live in them. The services that these institutions provide can house everything from spiritual, educational, medical and more. They provide a benefit in their communities that let those who may feel alone or lost know that there are options for support. Essentially, for almost every need there is likely some foundation or non-profit who is either there to help directly, or, at the very least show the way. The Public Sector (Government)Our government and the public sector seem to be in the lime light these days. From differing political views, to the question of support of the various groups that currently reside in the United States, the government is involved in some way. Essentially, the public sector is the part of the economy that is controlled by the government. They are responsible for almost everything that is not controlled by the previously two mentioned sectors. Everything from our monetary systems, our water, transit, electrical, water, police, the departments that create the roads…show more content…
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