Public Sector And Private Sector Essay

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Khushboo Bhatia
Naveena Chouhan
Neha joshi
MBA 2nd sem (HR)

Banks are backbone of any economy . With the debut of multinational private sector banks , banking sector is facing stiff competition and a thirst to enhance there service quality inorder to gain a competitive edge over there customers. Public sector banks are facing stiff challenges from the private sector banks and are under tremendous pressure to cope up with the facilities provided by the multinational banks. While public sector banks have an advantage of perception and strong rural network private sector banks have better services and amenities . Our study was aimed at comparing public sector and private
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There should be appropriate recruitement of more officers in the public sector banks so that the branches, which are really understaffed and overburdened, become systematically sufficient.
3. The bank management should have freedom terminate the inefficient employees.
4. The work of employees of public sector banks should be associated with the targets i.e. they should be given targets of specific amount or specific job.
5. All the public sector banks should provided refresher training course at least once in a year, which must includes the topics related with latest trends in banking, various management, building public relations, communications skills, good behavior etc. actually they should be trained to behave properly with customers and to feel that customers is very important. Not only the borrower but depositor is also very important and be respected.
6. The employees should motivate for doing extra work or doing more than target. This motivation may be monetary or non monetory.
7. All the banks must have ATM facilities. It will be better to have networking ATM system i.e. if it is not possible to install ATMS in all parts of city there should be tie up with other banks. Presently ,some banks are doing the

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