Privilege And Oppression Essay

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Privilege and oppression were not equally part of my life at U.S. The problem I faced were many, In the face of oppression for being a Muslim, which I never worried about being one but, was about the harassment I had to undergo. There is a general fact that anyone Muslim in U.S is being harassed for the prior reason. I am from Saudi Arabia, and am a Muslim, so, I faced many oppression calling me and my beliefs followed as racism. I followed my own beliefs which I was meant to follow, but I was called racist. There is a general thought of terrorism on Muslims, because of a few Muslims who follow the path of terror, the so-called terrorists. My experience of such an occasion was, to the point that, the historical backdrop of religion is a long…show more content…
While a few workers felt that they would dependably be seen as not exactly having a place in U.S society, other people who were brought up here likewise felt the same path, in view of the general public 's impression around them. Its awful individuals don 't consider us to be being Americans. Since we 're an obvious minority. My parents however they sent me to United States to study, were agonized over how I was going to adapt to the remarks and reactions about Muslims in the general public. They stressed that I would in any case be seen adversely as "not belonging", regardless of being a Muslim. Their worry brings up issues about between national impacts of the present social setting for Muslims inside of the nation, however there has been some change in the later times. Overall, my life was filled with both positive and negative impacts which were in the form of oppression and privilege. Finally, I conclude that, though there exists some religious racism and oppression, whomever the people maybe wherever they maybe from, everyone has the feeling of belongingness till they reside at that specific place or nation. And this needs to be stopped once and for all racism on basis of gender, religion, caste, color everything only then, an economy can truly
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