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Crystal Blount, who was a young and intelligent girl when she was a fourteen-year-old freshman, raped by an upper class guy that she barely knew in high school. One day, the guy convinced Crystal to join him in the music department and raped her in the dark room. She was terrified and told nobody about this happen for three months until she could no longer deny she was pregnant. Now, I would like to pause the story here for a second and ask everyone a question, do you think abortion should be legalized in any cases? Rape is usually considered a very valid reason for abortion, especially when one is young. In this hard case, people who are pro-abortionists would support Crystal to get an abortion, because it could save her family’s reputation by not letting others know…show more content…
The lives of newborn children are protected by law; however, the live of embryos are not when it comes to abortion. If you asked the pro-abortionists why it is legal to kill a human being before birth, but it is illegal to kill the same human being after birth, they would likely point you to some of the differences that exist between humans in the womb and humans out of the womb ( The pro-abortionists’ opinion in Roe v. Wade illustrated that the word “person,” as used in the Fourteenth Amendment, does not include the unborn because embryos and fetuses are not independent beings until they are “viable.” The Supreme Court defines viable to mean the start of the third trimester, which between the 24th and 28th week of a pregnancy (Foer, 1997). However, the scientists demonstrated that an embryo is a "whole, separate, unique, living, human being" from the moment of conception by doing DNA fingerprinting and polymerase chain reaction. These techniques indicate an embryo has a complete set of DNA, also have proven that the unborn child is a whole human being from the moment of fertilization (New Scientist, 2006). In another word, it means an embryo is the stage where personhood

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