Pro And Cons Of Globalization

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Globalization is the process regarding an increasing interaction of people, states, or countries through the growth of the international flow of money, ideas, and culture. It can also be tied to business ventures where businesses or other organizations develop international influence or begin functioning on an international scale. The idea of globalization has become very controversial in the United States labor market. There are many pros and cons on how it affects the labor markets. Along with the labor market controversy people also debate over whether globalization is a threat or opportunity to the United States economy. Although Globalization has brought a significantly positive impact on most countries in terms of economy, culture, and…show more content…
It has opened up more markets, which helps American companies distribute their products worldwide. If markets around the world did not exist the U.S. would not be able to interact with other countries in order to buy and sell product (Globalization). Not only have markets around the world opened up, there has also been an increase of international corporations which has helped increase their direct influence on the world (Denton). Worldwide American corporations play a huge role in keeping the United States “on top” or near the top economically. Globalization is most importantly the increase of interactions between different people, states, and countries. Therefore, it has greatly increased rapid and authentic communication between different international organizations and countries. Because of this it has allowed for much more efficient international cooperation (Denton). With nations cooperating it leads to many different groups of people to start in the pursuit to accomplish one common interest or goal. The ability for countries to cooperate could lead to new jobs, workplaces, culture, more money and ideas (Denton). Lastly, another pro for globalization is it allows for less expensive products for American consumers to purchase. This is due to cheaper labor throughout production processes. Reduced prices lead to American living standards to
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