Pro Assisted Suicide Argumentative Essay

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Many people hear assisted suicide and they think that it is criminal or unjust. Many people, more than we realize, have to battle with terminal illness. Every day, they go through pain and suffering. They shouldn’t have to go through this because of the opinions of other people. Assisted suicide or acts like it can help them. They have the right to choose how they want their life to go. There was a case in the United Kingdom where a lady named Mrs. Pretty was in the final stages of her terminal illness and she was ready for it to be over and she wanted her husband to “finish the job”. However, the state decided not to “grant Mrs. Pretty’s husband immunity” which is speculated to by the reason why he didn’t “assist her suicide” (Tiensuu 256). This fear of repercussions is not…show more content…
An alternative to assisted suicide could be commercial assisted suicide (CAS). CAS is when a person who wishes to commit suicide is “treated in a businesslike fashion, for remuneration” (Kipke517). This, essentially, means that an outside person will come do the assisted suicide, however, they will also counsel and accompany the “suicidal person during the dying process” (Kipke517). They provide these services and more, so their payment isn’t just biased on if a person goes through with suicide and they are non-physicians so they have no ties to the medical career or insurance companies that would make them corrupt. If “not physicians but laypersons assist people in their suicides, no breach of medical ethos may be present and medicine cannot be corrupted” (Kipke518). They are paid no matter the outcome with the patient and provide the best service they can to make sure the person has weighed all their options and has made a decision that had zero influence from
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