Pro Assisted Suicide Essay

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Let A Doctor Cut Your Throat: Why Assisted Suicide is a Good Idea Since the dawn of time, those taking their own lives have been deemed cowards, weak, and crazy. We’ve gone through numerous reasons why it’s wrong: it’s seen as unnatural, immoral, and putting an end to a life that could get better. But these arguments are flawed and against morals in their own ways. Making someone live in suffering is cruel. The banning of assisted suicide is cruel because it leads to an increase in illegal suicide, it brings more pain to those already suffering, and invades on liberties one has over one’s own body. The first reason assisted suicide should be legal is because it leads to an increase in illegal suicide. If people are suffering, especially mentally,…show more content…
The people who end up going through with the procedure are in truly deep physical and emotional pain. The Economist reported on a woman who applied for assisted suicide and by the end of the long waiting period, she decided to keep on living. This shows that with the long timeline from application until death will weed out those who aren’t in true pain and suffering, the kind that cannot go away. And this is only on the mental side of the spectrum, if we see it as a spectrum. On the physical side of this spectrum I’ve created, we can obviously see this. A lot of the time, there are patients of deadly and painful diseases like cancer, and having this merciful practice illegal brings more stress and in some ways anger into these already pained and sad lives. Al Jazeera reported on Brittany Maynard, a woman of twenty-nine who was suffering from terminal brain cancer and refused chemotherapy. She was in Oregon and announced her intent to die. Chemotherapy, for example, is a very painful, expensive, and stressful series of procedures. By having these procedures be the only available ones, people suffering from horrible conditions and diseases will have to endure more hardships than they already do. What is truly so wrong with letting a person choose to die? Which is truly more cruel: forcing someone to live a life of pain, or
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