Pro Athletes Get Paid Too Much Essay

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Persuasive Argument
National Athletes are/are not Paid Too Much

The topic, pro athletes are/are not getting paid too much, is a heated argument between people. Have you ever thought about it? Well, an answer that I’m sure would be agreed with is that national athletes are paid way too much money. Some people might say that they deserve what they get, but there really isn’t any supportive reasons for that. People know that doctors and firefighters save lives, while athletes play a game to make money. Even teachers pay isn’t anywhere near to athletes; they educate the generation’s youth so they can make a difference in the future. So many jobs that are very important don’t get paid as much and that money can go towards better causes. But these are only some of the reasons that pro athletes get paid too much. The person that runs are country doesn’t make as much, people who save lives don’t make as much, teachers don’t make as …show more content…

can all agree with me that they get underpaid compared to athletes. The money that can go towards better causes such as donating to the homeless, donating to charities, helping people, etc goes to people playing a game. Do you think that watching a game is more important than helping people that are in poverty? I didn’t think so. Also, athletes didn’t get paid this much before now, In fact, “Athletes were not always paid more than CEOs. In the early stages of the American Football system, most players had to have a normal day job on top of playing, because there was no money to be made in pro football.” (Two Sides To Every Coin, are Professional Athletes Paid Too Much? Do you know those animal commercials that shows all those pets stranded, hurt, hungry, thirsty that need a home? Well if national athletes weren’t paid so much, money could go toward them instead of relaxing on a couch with food and popcorn while animals and people suffer and in some circumstances,

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