Pro-Choice: An Argument For Abortion

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Each person has a different and unique reason to be pro-choice. Someone’s own body is their property, and no one can use it without permission or consent. I am pro-choice because I don't think there is any reasoning why a woman should have to face all the ramifications or consequences from something that she did not do alone. If a guy can get a woman pregnant and then flee, there is no reason why she should be the only one responsible for everything. Having more options puts a woman on a more equal position with men, instead of being someone that can be taken advantage of. In addition, I think that it is best for a child to not be born at all than to be born loathed, by a mother who is forced to have him because she has no other options, and not because she wants the child. In America abortion is an increasing issue for women and their rights to reproduce children. Primary, nationwide abortion statistics for the United States are available from two sources—privately from…show more content…
A multitude of people regard the right to control one's own body as a significant moral right. If women are not allowed to abort or terminate an unwanted fetus, then they are being robbed of this bodily right. I am pro-choice for abortions and since I believe that the fetus exists inside a women’s body, it should be her right to decide what she can’t and can do with her body and that fetus. It is argued that if women have the right to choose whether or not to have children then soon they reach equality with men. Men do not get pregnant; therefore, they are not restricted in the same way. Additionally, it is said, women's freedom and life choices are limited by having children, social customs, and the stereotypes, and the overwhelming duties that go with it. In conclusion for any and all pregnant women let them be free to make their own

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