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Elections and politics currently believed by many to be focused on spoiler effects, polling, and electability. Some sour victims of these elections have come up with what they believe is a “solution” to politics. This “solution” is known as RCV. Ranked choice voting, or RCV, is a system in which people can choose their first, second, and third choice candidates, and votes will be given accordingly. Regardless of what representatives of RCV may tell you, RCV is unconstitutional, costly, and very time-consuming, which is why allowing voters to rank their choices for elections should not be allowed. The first, and arguably the most important, reason ranked-choice voting is a bad idea is because it violates the Maine Constitution. The Maine Constitution reads that people being elected…show more content…
“Every salad bar has multiple dressing options; why shouldn’t every election come with multiple candidates?” she argues. Instead of just voting for a first-choice candidate, voters would be able to have a second and third choice. Mainers would have elections about ideas, vision, and real choice, instead of campaigns about polls and spoiler effects. In reality, the current voting system actually works better for multiple candidates. With the current system, whichever candidate has the plurality of votes will win, and there is only one round, with no recounts. There are no costs to implement new machines, and no extra time wasted on multiple recounts. Our system works perfectly, with one clear winner every time. Having multiple recounts and implementing new machines alongside the staff needed to maintain them is a waste of both Mainers’ time and money, and will certainly, if anything, simply make elections focused more on polling and electability, in order to eliminate rival

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