Pro Eugenics Argumentative Essay

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What would you do if your newborn was born with a defect? In this time era, we would love the child unconditionally. But what if you knew beforehand that you could fix this birth defect before the baby was born? The thought seems a little tempting to some, but to others the thought is terrifying to their morale. With eugenics spiraling around it is possible. Eugenics is defined as the science of improving a human population by controlled breeding to increase the occurrence of desirable heritable characteristics, whether it is appearance, intelligence, or defects. Eugenics has many bad qualities, which are the reasons it should not be used. First of all, the history of eugenics is catastrophe. Francis Dalton, the half cousin of Charles Darwin,…show more content…
Diversity allows for the ability to create more productivity within a society. People from different backgrounds can bring in different viewpoints and perspectives. If everyone had the same background nobody would be able to come up with new ideas. With eugenics it could be possible that people could have the same intelligence. If people knew they had the chance to create a child as smart as Albert Einstein they would. A population full of high intelligence does not allow for new eventful ideas to come. The problems for diversity do not stop there. There are high chances of running into the problem of genetic diversity. According to Jason Collins, genetic diversity is a good thing for a population because adaptation via natural selection depends on the existence of variation. Also, a population possessing a greater amount of genetic diversity has a greater probability of already possessing adaptive alleles that might be necessary to meet new environmental challenges like pathogens. A population needs genetic diversity in order to fight off diseases that come around in the future. If everyone had similar genetics the population could be wiped out because they would not be able to fight off the new…show more content…
When using eugenics, it is somewhat clear that something against nature is happening. Eugenics is an unnatural process, whereas the gene given through parents’ heritage is natural. Eugenics is a scientific process of altering genes for “better” qualities. It is known that typically science and religion do not coincide with one another. Eugenics causes a big stir about whether it is playing the role of God. It can cause religious protests because of the controversies. Such as, with eugenics a person can pick out what they want in a child, regardless of their genetic code. Most religious followers would believe this goes against God’s wishes. Their belief is that God is only allowed to create a person’s trait and characteristics. According to Got Questions, the bible does not support the idea behind eugenics. Got Questions states, “that men can better himself by ridding the world of ‘undesirable’ people is definitely not biblical.” Even Dr. Georgia Purdom agrees by stating, “we see that eugenics does not align with the Bible.” Even when I was a Christian I was taught that we were created in God’s image. If we were created in God’s image, why try to change
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