Pro Gun Control Movements

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Pro gun-control activists argue this as they are of the point of view that gun access is too easy and that this access is causing danger in society; they clearly value safety, particularly for human life. They follow the ideology of socialism because they want social order and for everyone to be able to access the same things, including a limited access to guns. Socialism is about control and pro-gun control advocates are all about control, specifically of the distribution and legality of guns. Pro-gun control advocates often believe the the NRA are the cause of most gun related incidents; there is even a website that is attempting to stop the NRA. This website ‘Stop The NRA’ use the campaign line “join and the millions of Americans…show more content…
The reason the NRA are involved with this campaign is because they, as a whole, want children kept safe within their schools and to have more protection from gun related incidents. Their answer to this is problem is to bring in more guns and effectively fight fire with fire. An example of the campaign 's aim is to have “a trained SRO would have the skills to directly engage the active shooter and would be aware that neutralizing the threat is the first priority.” This clearly shows the value of child safety that this campaign and the NRA followers believe in. Some evidence they are basing the potential effectiveness of this campaign off is that “As more SRO officers have been assigned to schools, school death rates have decreased.”. The point of view of the NRA in this campaign is that “The only thing stopping a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” (Wayne LaPierre, 2012, Washington DC speech) which is exactly what this campaign is trying to enforce. They follow the ideology of conservative libertarianism as they are looking for change in community and government action to bring in new laws and change current policies to protect children, also showing their value of children 's
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