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The issue of gun control is an ever growing pandemic debate in the United States of America. This is an issue that intrudes on many different topics ranging from personal liberty and safety to government control and regulation. It has become a question of whether or not law abiding citizens are allowed to possess regulated firearms and to what extent they are to do so. There are many different positions on what gun control laws and regulations should be, but the two wings of the spectrum are people who believe in complete gun control and people who believe in absolutely no gun control. These two viewpoints are in constant conflict with one another and both have definitive arguments to uphold their standpoints. People and organizations that is pro-control, (in favor of gun control) such as the Brady Campaign, believes that enforcing gun control will create a “safer America” and “will lead to a dramatic reduction in gun deaths and injuries.” On the contrary, people and organizations that are anti-gun control, such as the NRA, believe in a protection of the 2nd amendment in the notion that owning firearms will in fact make citizens safer. Pro and anti-gun…show more content…
When removing guns from the scene, pro-control activists envision a safer America and less crime while anti-gun control advocates less gun control for the exact same result. My personal opinion is to lessen gun control with a mild middle ground concerning military grade weaponry and background checks. Someone who would oppose my view on the other end of the spectrum would probably think that semi-automatic rifles to be strictly regulated and believe that firearms should be used for hunting solely. As individuals, it is society’s job to protect people of their individual liberties and freedoms, while as individuals it is their job to ensure that those liberties and freedoms are

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