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Abortion is the intention to end or terminate a human pregnancy by removing the fetus from the woman’s uterus. Abortion has been and is currently a very controversial topic that has plagued humanity and the medical field for decades and even centuries. From this ethical dilemma, you have people who are for abortion and against abortion for reasons that have been rooted from various perspectives. These two groups have been regarded as pro-choice and pro-life. People who are against abortion often use religion as a mean to to explain why the practice is wrong. Their main argument is that they believe that life begins from the start of conception and ending it by intentional abortion is murder. Pro-life supporters argue that embryos should not…show more content…
The argument is that life does not necessarily begin at conception where the fetus is just a mere clump of cells and tissues; it’s argued that the fetus is truly alive when it can perpetuate life on its without direct aid from the mother herself. Another key point is free will, it’s where the mother has the right to decide if she wants an abortion or not because it deals with her body alone and it’s her choice of what should happen to her own body; this is where the term pro-choice is originated from. Also this augments why people are for abortion like in extreme cases, such as where the mother’s life in danger if she gives birth or if a woman who was raped becomes pregnant as a result. People who support the right to have an abortion believes that it’s part of a woman’s right to privacy. This is reinforced in 1973, where the Supreme Court case of Roe v. Wade was a milestone decision that legalized abortion in the United States after ruling that a Texas law prohibiting abortion except to save the mother’s life was unconstitutional. I believe that people should have the choice if they want an abortion or not so therefore I am pro-choice. Children who are born deserve to come into the world with a purpose that was intended and who will be loved, but there are many women who gets pregnant unexpectedly or has no desire to have children.

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