Pro Life Vs Pro Choice Essay

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America the land of the free and home of the brave. This country is known for allowing the people to make their own choices, but turns out there is a limit to the choices we make or so many have thought until right now. America is all about choices and how these choices influence not only one person, but a whole society. Also how that society impacts and can even force one person to make a decision that is not the society 's or the governments to make. There has been a big argument over unplanned pregnancies. What should the women do that would best fit her and her future. This debate has come to be known as Pro-Life vs Pro-Choice. These terms meaning; pro-life is meaning that the government has the obligation in preserving or protecting a life no matter what, pro-choice is saying that it should not be left up to the government, but up to the pregnant individual. Terms or phrases that will be mentioned in this paper quite a bit that as a reader may like to know to better understand the subject and the view point are things like; abortion, open-adoption, and closed-adoption. Abortion by its dictionary meaning is the deliberate termination of a human…show more content…
The government should not try and get rid of programs like this that help women with their choices and giving a woman a voice. Pro life wants that to happen, even all these choices this country has to offer pro-life still goes against it and thinks it is a religious matter that the government should handle, not the one dealing with it physically or emotionally. This is a country that was built on choices made and backing up those choices. The women who make these choices have to live with that choice after it has been made for the rest of their lives. Again good, bad, right, or wrong, it is them who have to live with it no one else. So the question is why do we care what a total strangers choice is? The better question is if one was placed in those shoes how much would they allow others to weigh in on their

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