Proactive Policing Research Paper

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Since the beginning of law enforcement, people have require diffferent sytles of policing. There has been some up and downs because of gaps and errors in the system. They have been analyzed to see what fits in their community and their officers. Although different states and cities have their own styles, they all produce a successful style. There are three most use which are proactive, reactive, and coative polcing.
PROACTIVE POLICING Law enforcement top prioty is to protect and serve, but the question is how. The use of proactive policing has been successful mostly because it targets violent crime. The departments who uses it are very series on punishing and lowering crime levels. In NYC, it has proven to be successful. It has reduce homicides
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When the first responders are not prepare for what ever comes accros their lines, the situation can get out of control. Officers need to have acces to easy to use equipment when their out in the field receiving emergency calls. Throught out the years, technology has given these responders softwares that has made police reaction much faster. For example, GPS system, CAD mapping, and pin mapping are tools that can help locate property and people in a tremendous speed (Lenio L.W., 2012). According to Tuscaloosca and Oxford county, their personell have become more effective during an emergency. Even though it is mostly about using softwares, officers who use reactive policing are well equiped to face any challenges.
COATIVE POLICING While systems and punishments are strong in most of the department, the community is not well connected. Coative policing involves the public to be part of their police station. Bringing the community to participate in the police work has inherent value to ring crime down. Having that partnership with people would demonstrate commintment and attention toward the neighborhood problem ( Willis, J.J.,2011).
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