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According to the Portsmouth Police’s probable cause summary, a black male identified in a video was observed exiting the rear passenger side of a Honda Pilot with a Tommy Hilfiger’s red jacket. The jacket matched the description which the victim provided. Aronte Neshawn Sharpe was identified as the individual wearing the jacket and posing in the jacket while leaving a store (7-11). He also was observed in possession of the jacket while looking into a video screen according the probable cause summary. The report stated the victim was contacted by Detective Baker, Portsmouth Police to see if the jacket belonged to her. She reported the jacket belonged to her. She further stated the jacket was valued over $250.00, and she didn’t give the defendant permission to take her personal item.

Defendant’s Statement:

Aronte’ reported he was walking to his home and a friend inside of a vehicle called out his name. He further alleged his friend asked him if he wanted a ride to his home. He also said upon entering the car, he observed another male in the car whom he did not know. He said he blames himself for getting
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Calvin (NMN) Watson, the father. According to Ms. Sharpe, the father resides in Northern Virginia. She said Aronte’ has only met his father once following a child support hearing. She reported Aronte’s dad went to Aronte’s middle school and joined him for lunch. Ms. Sharpe alleged Mr. Watson has a criminal history, substance abuse and mental illness history. Due to the limited information provided about Mr. Watson, his criminal history, mental health history, substance abuse history, and socioeconomic status could not be detailed in this report. Ms. Sharpe denies a history of alcohol or drug use. She reported on the day this writer visited the home, she was arrested the night before (June 22, 2016) for driving on a suspended licenses and due to an outstanding warrant relating to a child support

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