Probation Officer Personal Statement

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I am currently taking this class to have a better understanding on Business Communications and also to get my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice in November. My career goal is to become a Probation officer for juvenile’s long term but for short term I would like to work with adults but not for long. I prefer to help children just because I needed an adult to help me as teenager and I never got that and I want to impact someone life. I currently am not employed do to my high risk pregnancy. My doctor thought it was best I did not work until I am no longer considered high risk and that was up until I was almost seven months pregnant so it’s hard to find a job and get maternity leave this late in my pregnancy. My favorite activities is reading, watching Criminal Investigation shows such as Law and Order or Mystery shows. My current communication skills are fair but I wouldn’t say they are the best because I become impatient if I have to say something over and over not…show more content…
Books are what interest me, and investigating Crimes as well as seeing how investigations are solved. I am good at explaining certain things to people when it pertains something that is portrayed wrong on television or by another person when it comes to the law. Some people are so stuck on television shows that they start to think that is how it is in the real world but I explain to them the way it actually is. In my life achieved a lot when it comes to perusing things and sticking to that commitment. I am the first of my mother’s children to graduate high school with a GPA of a 3.7. I was top 10 % of my class and now I am the first out of my siblings to college and to graduate
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