Dual Concern Model Of Conflict Analysis

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First and foremost, we can use the problem confronting method. It is a win-win method which can strength the relationship between two people and the actual problem can be solved. For example, if there are too many jobs assigned to Jackie today, I will borrow one administrative assistant from another department. This can share the workload of Jackie and he can finish the task before the deadline. At the same time, it can increase the productivity of the company. Thomas and Jackie can benefit from this method. This can create a foundation for effective cooperation in the future. Secondly, when the collaboration method does not work, we can use the compromising method. This method seeks for a convenient solution that satisfies between two people.…show more content…
This model consists of five styles including integration style, obliging style, dominating style, dominating style, avoiding style and compromising style. These five styles can help us to find the most appropriate way to solve the problem. We need to match the style with the situation. For example, when the issues is not important to me, I can use avoiding style to reduce the conflict. All in all, conflict is inescapable in human beings. We can use confronting method or compromising method to resolve the conflict. The Dual concern model can aid us to find the most appropriate way to reduce the…show more content…
In eastern companies, a lot of companies are traditional-style enterprises. As a result, many terminal decisions are made by the highest people in the company. Ideas and comments from employees are not welcome. Many decisions are decided by the senior. Moreover, ''Mianzi'' is very important in the Chinese organization. When the boss come to the office, William should greet them politely. William should not challenge the senior in front of the public. This may make the senior feel embarrassed and angry. William need to make the boss to have a feeling of prestige in their workspace. Also, the hierarchy is very essential in Chinese organizational culture. Affected by Confucius, a Chinese teacher around 500 BC, people in China need to show his respect to the senior or someone who are older than you. Hence, William need to do so. Greetings is one of the methods to show respect. William should not shout at the senior and he needs to show his respectful to senior's decisions. He should not disagree with boss or condemn him. Moreover, ''Guanxi'' is very important in Chinese culture. It can ensure that you will have proper position for business in the future. Building a ''Guanxi'' can also provide you a preferment opportunities. Furthermore, William should not question his manager. The manager has many things to do. It is a proper way to question your peer rather than your boss. Otherwise, it

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