Problem Of Poverty In America

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A wise woman once said, “Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty”. A person not born in our times, but with enough wisdom to see the effects of poverty, and what it does to our minds. No matter where you go on the earth you will not see a place that does not have poverty or have a population that goes through it. Poverty affects 13% of people in the world and about 15% of people in America live under the poverty line. 45 million Americans are unable to provide for their families and they are hurting both physically and mentally from it. Everywhere in America, there are people who live below the national poverty line, but the government has taken the issue into their own hands by offering incentives and other benefits.…show more content…
If someone is in poverty, then they most likely will not have a good enough health to keep them alive for a long time. With the rise of poverty rates in America that means that more people will die or be unable to contribute to the society in America. Also, people who are economically insecure have worse health than those who are not. Poverty is a substantial issue because it is hard to climb out of and can pose many risks to families and their health
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