Problem Of Traffic Accidents In The Philippines

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SETTING 1.1 Introduction Vehicles play an important role in our lives everyday. The continued change in lifestyles and professions, rural to urban migrations, modernization and urbanization has made man more dependent on vehicles. Vehicles are a means of transportation for all. As the economy grows, the developing world found ways to acquire faster means of transporting people and goods. The increase of the amount of vehicles coupled with a disorganized city planning and irrational road designs made the general public vulnerable to accidents. Accident is an event, occurring suddenly, unexpectedly and inadvertently under unforeseen circumstances. Road accidents are accidents that take place on the road involving vehicles. The increasing volume of vehicles, lack or fake licenses, unsafe driving behaviors, lack of traffic warning signs, poor and unfinished road infrastructures, invasions in pedestrian lanes and overall unsafe environment are the factors that increase the risk of road accidents. Each year, road traffic accidents take the lives of many people in the country and seriously injure a massive amount of people. Because of these, the researchers were motivated to do a study regarding the main cause of road accidents. With this study, people will be more aware of the causes of accidents and be able to avoid it. 1.2 Background of the Study Every year almost 1.24 million people lost their lives because of road traffic accidents. People

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