Problem Oriented Policing Case Study

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Policing requires the use of Community-Oriented and Problem-Oriented policing which is the collaboration between the Police Department of Riverside as well as Riverside community that it serves. The collaboration from both resources must foster plans to identify and solve Riversides gang violence problems. This joint partnership with the Riverside police provides an ownership from Riverside community to instill a positive society climate. The partnership of both unities has requirements from all members of the Riverside to be proactive in the efforts to enhance the safety and quality of their neighborhoods as well as Riverside schools. This partnership on crime control and prevention then forces a new emphasis on making Riverside community…show more content…
The bond that the partnership fostered will be a force multiplier that will mitigate the gang violence crime in this community. When the Riverside police department allows the citizens of the Riverside community involvement it will be able a major resource. The resource of Riverside will assist in the crime-prevention of gang activities, instead of the normal reaction response from the Riverside Police Department. The major pro from Riverside Community problem-oriented policing will assist in the solution of gang violence. The actual partnership is when Riverside members believe that Riverside police department is interested in the same Problem-Oriented solution (“Understanding Community Policing,”1994). It has been proving when police departments use Community problem-oriented policing that incorporates police officers with applying a commonly known process known as the SARA model. The process of the SARA model includes the application of Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment which are basic police skills taught in traditional police training curriculums (Problem-Oriented Policing,…show more content…
Our officer 's focus will consist will be that of documentation of all gang activities what reduce the impact of this criminal act to our society. Riverside police department will Response to all situations with police officer focusing on fostering a solution which may require the local community in assisting with the gang activity. The collaboration from Riverside Police department to include the community must understand that the removal of all gang activity in addition criminals requires a partnership plan (SARA) Model," n.d.). Lastly, we need to apply the assessment requirement in the SARA model in the recent gang activities. This gang assessment focuses on what is happening in our community? What has the gang activities impact on the community? What has to happen with the application of our gang prevention action plan? Then the final process is to assess if the gang activities still exist in our community or if a new problem was formed from the outcome ("Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Evaluation (SARA) Model,"

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