Rti Case Study In Mathematics

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Case Summary Problem Identification For my case study, I chose the second grade case study called “Making Sense of the Problem-Solving RtI Process in Mathematics.” In this article, Miss Concepcion is the second grade math teacher who implements a plan response to intervention in her classroom. Miss Concepcion decides to implement this plan after coming to a quarterly benchmark assessment that only 85% of second graders showed mastery of, and from these same results, it also showed that there were nine second grade students who performed below a 50% on the benchmark, and one of these students was in her class. This students name is Mattie Maddox, she scored a 2 or below out of 4, on each part of the assessment. The benchmark that these second…show more content…
It is important to perform multiple assessments for students and track their improvement for concepts they are struggling with to see whether changes in how the information is being relayed need to be made or whether the student needs additional instruction outside of the regular class meeting time. The data collected in the response to intervention process is extremely important because rather than saying this student improved or this student still needs work on certain concepts, it can show you exactly which students are struggling and to what degree, and then it will help teachers within their intervention plan to assess whether the percentage of understanding for the student goes up or down throughout the assessment period. Having hard numbers to relate back to especially over a longer period of time is more effective in helping the teachers modify or adjust the plan to help the students show growth in their…show more content…
The RTI model relates to differentiated instruction because both concepts encourage teachers to provide multiple avenues for student success. With differentiated instruction, teachers are encouraged to take a key concept and provide different styles of learning for their students, knowing that each student learns in a different way. It also encourages teachers to sometimes change their teaching style in order to reach the educational needs of each student every year. Within the RTI model, teachers are encouraged to understand these student differences, which may often times be from learning disabilities or behavioral needs. Because of this, they are encouraged to put an action plan in place for struggling students that provide alternative ways to learn concepts, in order to help that student achieve educational success. I think the main goal for both of these concepts is to encourage students to be interested in gaining knowledge in subject matter, and providing both an engaging environment for the student to learn in, as well as helping them to enjoy what they are learning as
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