Problem Statement For Homelessness

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Homelessness is more than just the absence of a permanent address. It is a condition in which a large, growing percentage of people in the United States and most likely the rest of the world find themselves. It means being cut off from relatives, social groups, and community organizations and losing a sense of belonging to society (Brown&Casey, 2014). Homelessness in America is a long-standing and pervasive social issue. Health care, in particular, poses a challenge as homeless individuals struggle to obtain even the most basic care. In the current healthcare system, attempts to provide adequate care for the homeless are frustrating for patients and care providers. The homeless population is anything, but stable, and their lifestyle promotes illness and disease, not health.…show more content…
(2013).Problem Statement and Research PurposeThe problem statement is an area of conflict, concern, or controversy while the research purpose is a statement of specific focus or aim of the study is being

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