Problem With The Amount Of Racism Essay

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An analysis of the Problem with the Amount of Racism If you are a person of color, or even a white person, somehow there will be someone to offend you and make a racial comment or announce some racial stereotype. While many Americans claim to have black, Latino, or Asian friends, racism still continues in everyday life. The problem about racism is that no matter how hard one tries to get rid of it, it will always be existent. Although racism may be declining now compared to the early days, it is still difficult for many blacks and Latino to obtain good well-paying jobs, or even menial jobs. Studies back then have been proven to show race is just another way to hide class. The answer to the problem of how much racism is there in the world cannot be answered so easily. Racism is nothing new to anybody who hears it for the first time, it has been around since the colonization of immigrants. I can guarantee wherever you go in the world, the citizens of that country will be prejudice against you because you are not of their color. It is disappointing to imagine a black man with a nice car, a clean…show more content…
Without well-paying jobs, they cannot afford a proper life to live. They cannot afford the essential needs of life like food or clean water, or even a house to live in. Many resort to stealing to keep themselves alive and higher authorities wonder why this happens every so often. A good example of poverty comes from the quote from Richard Delgado 's book Critical Race Theory (Third Edition): An Introduction, "They pay more for many products and services, including cars. People of color lead to shorter lives, receive worse medical care, complete fewer years of school, and occupy more menial jobs than do whites". The reason poverty still exists in these small communities is because of liabilities like these that cripple people of
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