Problems And Solutions To Poverty Problems In The World

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Poverty seem to be the biggest problems in most local communities and the world at large, it is estimated that more than twenty per cent of the population worldwide lives in poverty yet there is no international census on guidelines for measuring poverty. A number of people die each day because of poverty it is an issue that is overlooked by many and most societies do not pay much attention to it but if it continues this way it is going to get worse. Poverty is a problem that has been around for a very long time, it is not something that we are starting to experience now.
Nowadays it is a blessing if one is not affected by this problem in most cases we find that people who are mostly affected by it are elders and those who are unemployed. There were various solutions that had been tried before, some have worked and unfortunately some did not but the recent research has shown that the poverty rate is slowly declining. PROBLE DEFINITION

Poverty is defined as the state or condition in which a person lack the financial resources to satisfy his everyday needs, enjoying the minimum standards of wellbeing and living a life that is considered acceptable in a society, it is a multifaceted concept which includes , social and economic political elements.
It can be further defined as a condition in which a person experience difficulties in maintaining a good standard of living, fails to meet his basic requirements and adequate for his physical and

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