Problems Faced By English Language Essay

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Introduction: As we all know that, English is a global language. Language is a familiar feature of our daily life. It is a human and social activity without which human beings cannot function in the society. It is one of the basic needs , and one has to learn it. It is the flesh and blood of our culture. According to Leonard Bloomfield(1935), “Each community is formed by the activity of language.” Without language, humanity cannot exist. Basically there are two forms of language, verbal and non-verbal communication. A non-verbal communication includes gestures, facial expressions or body language. But, a verbal communication means a systematic use of certain set of words. In India, English is our second language. In the list of English speaking…show more content…
And on that basis we would conduct a survey regarding our research area. Skim of Chapterisation: 1. Introduction: English is a global language and nowadays everyone has to focus on it. Our introduction clearly defines about it.Our research proposal is based on the difficulties faced by Gujarati medium students in learning English Language at Tertiary Level. 2. Review: Chitre(1999) and Dubey (2003-04), have said that there is a need to provide effective teaching at Secondary Level because in English as well as Gujarati medium schools of Gujarat state, there are several problems regarding English teaching- learning problems as students come from Gujarati background. 3. Methodology: We will conduct a survey based on our research and find out what difficulties are faced by Gujarati medium students in learning the four skills of English
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