Problems In A Doll's House And Death Of A Salesman

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Both classical and modern forms of literary works often showcases both men and women facing a variety of problems. Some of these problems could be due to individual shortcomings such as that of Hubris in the well-known Greek tragedy, Oedipus Rex. Other problems are usually caused by social limitations and injustice as that of Steinbeck’s Grapes of Wrath. Often men and women either become victims to such problems or emerge a changed individual from such struggles. Similarly, the central characters in A Doll’s House by Henry Ibsen and Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, also experience various problems that are in a way caused by society and adgrevated by individual shortcomings leading to tragic circumstances. Arthur Miller introduces a social problem which is the realisation of the American Dream and the difficulties the protagonist, Willy Loman, gains from trying to achieve the American Dream. No matter how much Willy tries to succeed in life, he still fails to achieve the American Dream. Not only that but Willy does not seem to realise what he has done wrong and questions himself why his brother Ben, or even his neighbour, Charley, are able to reach his dream and not he himself. His brother Ben always flaunts in front of him saying that he has already succeeded in life and also achieving the American Dream at the age of 21 in “when I was seventeen I walked into the jungle, and when I was twenty-one I walked out. And by God I was rich”. These lines of what Ben has
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