Ethical Issues In The Chicken Farming Industry

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As we can see, many innocent chickens in now days are killed each year at farming industry. They get abused, put into small cages with other chickens, and live in harsh environment just for an egg production and food consumption. According to statistics of chicken farming industry in America, about 280 million hens laid 77 billion eggs so that it can meet the costumer demand. From hatching to slaughter, these hens are subjected to mutilation and deprivation of the ability to live freely and actively. Since male chickens doesn’t lay the eggs, 260 millions of them are killed upon a hatching and they mostly used for a meat production. With uninhabitable condition in industry, it can also cause bad health issue. Factory farms that raise chickens…show more content…
Many normal humans view animals as family member when they raise it at home. This lead a vegetarianism to gone mainstream as people have become concerned about the conditions of industry farms. At same time, however, millions of animals slaughtered for food each year in our meat-eating society. From the all animals, chickens are consider as most abused animal in United States. More chickens are raised and killed for food than all the other land animals combined, yet not a single federal law or citizens protects them from this tragic situation. They are also inquisitive and intelligent as mammals such as cats, dogs and primates. But looking at chicken’s life in farming industry, they never have the chance to do anything that’s natural or important to their daily routine. For instance, a baby chick on a factory farm will never be allowed either contact or be with parents until rest of its life. They are deprived of the chance to take dust baths, feel the warmth from sun in order to maintain the temperature of body, breathe fresh and clean air, and roost in the trees. Many industries raise only broiler ones and chickens spend their entire lives in filthy sheds with thousands of other birds, where intense crowding and confinement lead to bad disease. Later, they become bred and drugged to grow that their organs can’t keep up which can result in heart attack and organ failure.…show more content…
The poultry industry is a major cause of environmental degradation in United States for last hundred years. It’s not only harmful to chickens and humans, but other species like fish and land mammals. In nature, chickens in small flocks over wide areas contribute to health and beauty of land. However, thousands of chickens are crammed unnaturally into small areas. This causes heavy disease to spread around the environment due to unwholesome and unnatural confinement of living creatures. As US farming industries kill more than 30 millions bird each day and 10 billions bird in a year, this animal carnage can pollutes a land, air, and water that contains variety of diseases including bacteria, chemicals and viruses. Also, poisoned well water is a major issue on the Delmarva Peninsula which kills about 600 million chickens per year and it results 3.2 billion pounds of raw waste, 14 million pounds of phosphorous and 49 million pounds of nitrogen. Another situation happened in southeastern part of us which areas are being turned into fly-infested places by the poultry industry. The wildlife habitat is destroyed to erect new poultry houses, slaughtering plants and worker’s trailer parks. With dwindling land to absorb the volume of poultry-house litter, dead birds and slaughter places refuse, the farming industry is touting, composting and other counter technologies as partial solutions. These
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