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English language has been the first world’s language for years. It is the worldwide spoken language. That is why students around the world need to master using English. It a bit hard for new learners to master such a language due to many reasons we shall be discussing soon in this research.
The students mostly have problems in English as a second language in written and spoken communication
I got some samples of these students written paragraphs and some who they consider themselves wrote a subject essay


T.D. is 17 years old Syrian male, came into UAE almost 4 years ago
S. B. is Syrian female, studying in high class this year; she came in from Syria two years ago
L.N. is also in high class, Jordanian female, her father is an English teacher she in this country for sometime
They all study in “Al Noor Int. School”.
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His family tried to hire a private teacher to help him follow up, he slightly improved but not as needed. His mother thought that buying him a book would be just enough, but anyway they cannot afford putting him in an institute. Teachers recommend he should attend a specialized center teaching English for non-speakers and improving communication. I would recommend to be giving the students more writing homework and even making an hour for spoken English everyday with native English speakers or non-Arabic speakers

S.B. she tries to overcome this problem by starting to learn words and everything from A to Z again. Her teachers also are trying to help herby extra homework and pushing her to do more exercises.

L.N. she says she managed to resolve her problems by reading and doing more research and reading more essays on the internet.

M.S. he tried to fix his problems by making an outline and draft, and separating ideas into introduction, body, and conclusion. He even started reading allot to enrich his vocab and writing methods by great writers.

Teachers at school

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