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Problems Of Karachi Nowadays every city is suffering from the big problems. Karachi is the biggest city of Pakistan. It is also suffering from many problems. Because of this now Karachi called as city of problems. If one problem is solved another Problem lies in wait for them. The major problems which are faced by the Karachi are transport problem, traffic problem, water crises. Electricity problem, snatching and sewage problems. These are the main problems which face by Karachi. First, we discuss about the transport problem in Karachi. Transport problem is one of the most serious problems of this city. A large number of vehicles running on the roads and the condition of roads is not good. Busses play a great role in the transport problem. Firstly, our busses are not in the perfect condition on the other hand, they overloaded their busses to collect the money. Due to this many accidents happens. Busses as well as the addition of chinqchi in the transport problem , many of the accidents happens due to the mistake of the drivers. So this is the big problem which is facing by Karachi. Second is a traffic problem. In Karachi there are a lot of traffic jams in every day. Generally, our peoples do…show more content…
This problem is very dangerous for the National economy as the industries affected due to this shortfall of electricity. Currently Pakistan is facing more than 6000 megawatts due to this problem in urban areas the load shedding is being done in the regular 10-12 hours every day while in rural areas the condition is more worse than as the urban areas , in rural areas the schedule of the load shedding is about 15-16 hours, which is really too much. So due to this shortfall of electricity the lives of people of Pakistan very much problematic. Karachi also faces this problem. And this cannot be solved to

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