Non English Language Barriers Essay

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With the increasing number of international students from non-English speaking countries in Silliman University, they are all facing one common challenge which is adjusting to the English language barrier. International students spend more time in learning English than the local students. The lack of English vocabulary could affect their academic grades. Limited understanding of the language lead problems such as hard time understanding professors, more effort in absorbing the meaning of uncommon words, correct sentence constructions and getting the meaning of irony in conversations. Non-English speaking students not just faces challenges academically but also mentally and emotionally. Mentally due to extensive memorization of words and emotionally…show more content…
Students who suffer from communication comprehension usually do not feel easy communicating in the second or foreign language among other people, especially if they are needed to use their listening and speaking abilities. People who experience a high level of communication apprehension “withdraw from and seek to avoid communication when possible”. Introverted and reserved people tend to be quieter and less willing to communicate. Students who suffer from fear of negative evaluation do not accept their language errors as a usual part of the learning but consider them a threat to their face. They decide to remain silent and do not get involved in the class activities. Students who suffer from test anxiety consider foreign language learning, especially oral production, a testing situation rather than a chance to improve their linguistic and communication…show more content…
They can get involved in the many different types of societies. A recreational program like sports, whether you are an athlete or not you can be part of the sports club. This is also a great way to learn and to meet new friends, explore new interests and develop new skills. Educational outings like going on a trip to the Museum, learning the history of the Philippines is also one of a great way to introduce them how our ancestor's life before. Studying and living outside their home country can be both exciting and challenging for

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