Problems In My Literacy Narrative

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Problems in an essay As I was writing my literacy narrative, I encountered three main problems. The first problem I encountered was properly using grammar and punctuation. Another problem I had was identifying the correct way to use a comma, as well as, making sure I did not have comma splices in my writing. I also had difficulty staying with one story line. I would write about several different topics instead of focusing on one topic. Lastly, knowing where to place my thesis created a challenge for me. In the past, my thesis would sound good, but I had a difficult time knowing where to properly place it. When I began writing this paper, I knew that grammar was going to be a huge problem for me. Comma splices were one of the major grammar problems that I had struggled with in the past. A comma splice brings two independent clauses together, creating a run on sentence. An example of how I misused a comma is; “Coming from a small school the teachers had the materials but did not see it important enough to teach they were more worried about other things.” Once I found my mistakes, I went back and added a comma after school, a period after teach and started a new sentence with the word “They”. Having strong sentences in my story was another problem that I struggled with. When writing an essay,…show more content…
In the beginning, I had several topics that I was discussing. I talked about my school years starting with kindergarten through twelfth grade. I also discussed why my writing was incorrect. My story line was hard to follow because I was discussing too many topics at one time. The reader could not understand what I was trying to say. As a way of correcting this problem, I picked the high school year that I felt affected me the most. This is why I chose the tenth grade and began writing my essays correctly. Sticking to one storyline helped my essays became easier to follow and to
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