Problems In My School Essay

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Decisions are always made but not always appropriate to all people neither, that it maintain justice to all whom it was applied on. This was the issue i faced with the decision that my school took

When I was in grade 6 my school decided that it will only allow high school student to register in international competitions, because that believed that lower grades doesn’t have the mental ability to participate in it. My school saw the whole world wrong they believed that it is only time loss. They saw all the competitions that are made for grades between 1 to 9 are with no intentions or benefits . Since grade 3 most of my teachers was realizing that i have a fast saving memory. A brain that resolves issues so fast. All teachers suggested
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I don't know how this popped in my head. I thought of delivering a persuasive speech regarding my issue, but i had a another big issue facing me, i was never good at writing. My English teacher have always loved the way i think. He started teaching me since grade 2 and since then, up to the sixth grade he continued teaching me and pushing my self confidence to the maximum limit. I always saw him my second father my eldest brother since i didn’t have one. I always refer to him in my problem. He never denied me. Well, when i first thought of the speech i went to him. He reflected my weakness in writing, but he knew i can improve it and that i am will be capable of getting the opportunity i was aiming for.

He organized for me a daily writing session with him to improve my writing skills. He have always believed in my capabilities to improve so fast. I applied for the opportunity to deliver my speech. It was a form in which you write your name and you have to get a signed letter from your English teacher that you are one of the best students in his class. Off course it was so easy for me to my teacher to give me this letter. I applied for the chance. Well, honestly my hard work didn't fly away. I was able to win the chance of delivering a speech to all my
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