Problems In Present Day North Carolina

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There are a lot of changes people want to be made in present day North Carolina. Before we handle today’s problems, we should look back on past problems and see how to fix them. There were many problems long ago but thanks to a man named Archibald Murphey, they were resolved. When you look back at it, a lot of the problems from back then are recurring. There are many issues in current day North Carolina, like any state. But, there were also problems a long time ago too. We had problems with government, education, slavery, our economy, isolation, and farming. Our government was unfairly divided. The control of it was given to the wealthy North Carolinian 's, or, the east side. The problem with this was that the easterners didn’t think that they should have to pay for the poor people 's things, kind of like today. Our education system was also very messed up long ago. Siding with the fact that easterners didn’t want to pay for others things, there were no schools in the west. There were only 177 schools at the time and you had to be rich to go to it. Since this was the case, westerners worked on the farm instead of attending school.…show more content…
Having slaves took jobs away from common people, causing the southern states to fall behind the northern states. That isn’t the only thing that was hurting our economy back then because of the creation the cotton gin. This creation made the economy fail because we focused more on it than industrializing. At the time, even farmers were failing because they didn’t get an education, so they didn’t know how to take care of soil, so they didn’t know about crop rotation. Due to the fact that North Carolina was so isolated, farmers could never even sell out of state because there aren’t any
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