Parental Involvement In Youth Sports

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Mentioned in the introduction, problems that occurs in youth sports are ethnic segregation and social class division. A solution to this is to have private sports organizations to be more affordable. Fees for AAU, select and club teams are pretty ridiculous. Those that do end up playing for private organizations come from high income families that can afford for their child to play in a competitive program and get to play year round. This is not the same for young athletes that come from low income families where their only opportunity for competitive play is to join their schools sports team and that 's if they make it. I work at the YMCA and a thing that they do to make sure that everyone has the same opportunity is that they offer financial…show more content…
The Report Card for U.S for Youth Sports shows us what categories that need be improved. When I see that Parental Behavior/Involvement got a D on the report, I can testify why. As being a referee for and spectated youth sports, I have come across parents behavior that is not appropriate at a child 's sporting event. Now I can understand if there is a bad call or a parent is in getting really into the game but, they should not be saying any profanity or getting into arguments with the referees. As for parental involvement even though the textbook explains how there are parents that go through extreme measures for their child athletes, I believe that there are many parents that are not as involved. There are parents that just drop off their child at their practice and run errands, and during the games they will be on their phones are not come to the games at all. Another thought that I have to improve these organizations is to not have too many games in a season and not for practices to take up too much time during the week. It is also a shame that youth sports programs got a D on the Youth Sports National Report Card for Child-Centered Philosophy. For youth sports programs, the main priority should be the kid athletes. These programs need to make sure that a child 's need is being taken care of and that their voices are being heard. Of course winning is a main topic in sports but, it also important to make sure that every child is enjoying their experience playing the sport. The first step for this that each child knows how to play the sport properly. Then from this a way that the kids can be more involved is to tell their coaches what drills/plays that they like do or don 't like and perhaps they can come up or suggest their own. A child-centered approach inspires children to matters like learning experiences into their own hands, that 's how they will develop. There are coaches
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